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National Point Newspaper is a public interest online newspaper committed to the promotion of good governance including respect of human rights, women and children rights, respect for the rule of law, anti-corruption, transparency, equity, environmental justice and sustainable development.

Our special focus is on bringing the peculiar issues of the Niger Delta to the public domain, providing a platform for the voiceless-suppressed community people, women and the helpless as well as holding government and public officers accountable.

This is an independent organization formed by like-minded veteran journalists with years of traversing communities and identifying with their unvoiced burdens. Every story that helps bring about positive change in the affairs of our catchment area is here considered a step forward in the reformation of society. Making life better for all Niger Deltans through sensible legislations and enforcement of such, is therefore, our ultimate goal.

Identify with us and if you desire, support us.

Signed: Constance Meju,


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Location: Port Harcourt