Adeboye, Obaseki, Omobude, Wale Others Extol Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Adeboye, Obaseki, Omobude, Wale Others Extol Archbishop Benson Idahosa

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Iduozee Efe Paul, Benin

History is kind to those who positively impact society. The General Overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God ( RCCG), Edo State governor, Godwin Obaseki, Pastor  Felix Omobude and president, Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Bishop Francis Wale Oke have extolled the positive impacts and leadership qualities of late Archbishop Andrew Benson Idahosa.

They paid tribute to the late scion of Pentecostal movement in Nigeria at the 1st Archbishop Benson Idahosa Memorial Lecture organized by the Benson Idahosa University, Benin city, Edo state.

In their individual submissions, they said Archbishop Benson Idahosa still lives on, that he has not died because of how he encouraged, impacted and used spiritual connection to help people when he was alive.

According to Pastor Enock Adeboye of the RCCG, generations to come will remember him.

“Nobody can easily forget the numerous legacies that late Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa left on earth. We are remembering late Benson Idahosa because of the footprint he left on ground.”

Edo state governor, Godwin Obaseki, described him as a great man of God who unified all the Christians and produced great men of God whose voices are creating a impacts in Nigeria, Africa and the world in general.

Obaseki admonished students of late Benson Idahosa University and the founding fathers of the university to emulate the creativity, innovation and insight that the late legend possessed while.


He said Idahosa was a man of many parts due to the tremendous impact he made and said the state government will do everything possible to partner with the institution, especially in the aspect of “Innovative Technology.”

Delivering a lecture on “The Role of Faith Based Universities in National Transformation: Archbishop Benson Idahosa-God’s Transformational Vessel”

Bishop Francis Wale Oke, described late Archbishop Idahosa as a lifter of men and women.

Bishop Oke said Idahosa was the person that pushed him to get to where he is today, by encouraging him to further his education. He pointed out that all the great men of God that had ruled as president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), are products of the late  legend.

He added that as long as all of late ldahosa’s servants are still living, that showed that Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa lives on.

Bishop Francis Wale Oke, who is also the Proprietor and Visitor to Precious Cornerstone University (PCU), explained that private universities aim to transform the nation educationally, socially, economically, and culturally, thus contributing to sustainable development.

“One major strategic goal of the university is to transform the nation positively in all spheres. The university focuses on infrastructural and capacity building. In terms of capacity building, the university worked to develop and establish an academic culture, spiritual culture and leadership culture,” Oke explained.

In their various goodwill messages, Rev. Felix Omobude, described late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, as a great man of God that saw the future from the beginning. He said late Benson Idahosa was a man troubled by his dream, and he achieved it to become a reality, and urged them to protect the legacies he left behind.

Rev. Omobude stressed that history will always have a space for those who make the world a better place to live in and commended the icon’s family and the university for putting up the event to remember the great servant of God.

Pastor Ayo Oristejafor, who served under Idahosa as pastor said the late man of God saw ahead what was to happen tomorrow. He said, some of idahosa’s prophecies are manifesting already. He said Idahosa lives on because he gave all he had to his disciples or follower, when he was alive.

Vice-Chancellor of BIU, Prof. Sam Guobadia, described late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, as  a “colossus,” whose positive impact and foresight brought global transformation to the educational system and Christianity in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

The VC expressed appreciation to all who made it to the celebration.

Thanking all that graced the memorial lecture, the chancellor, BIU, Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa JP, OON, commended all men of God that came.

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa, thanked the vice-president/member of Council, Prof. John Okhuoy, for standing behind her, and the VC of BIU, Prof. Sam Guobadia and all who graced the occasion.