More Felicitate With New Rotary of PH Eco President

More Felicitate With New Rotary of PH Eco President

Let’s Unite to Stop Violence Against Women and Girls in Nigeria; “For Many More Ochanyas”
Activism Against Gender Based Violence
FG, Halt Continued Violence Against Women and Girls
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Emem Okon, newly installed Rotary of Port Harcourt Eco Charter President

Ngozi Ezuma: Working With Kebetkache Has Helped Me A Lot
Working with Madam Emem has really helped me. Working with Kebetkache has made me to come out from the Master’s Place. What I mean is, before, I could not come out to speak; now, whether it is community school, church, anywhere you call me to come out and speak on behalf of women that I cannot speak . Even, the thing helped me when Governor Wike came to Erema, our community, they gave me prayer in front of everybody. I prayed for him. If you ask people they will tell you.
It is Kebetkache that made me to be bold in speaking; there is no place that I cannot speak.

Cutting the Installation Cake with members of Kebetkache Women

Aside that, how to manage what you have, it is Kebetkache that taught us ; how you can use N10 kobo and make it N20 kobo and telling us that to remain idle is not good, that you need to work to achieve your aim. It has made me not to depend on anybody.

Again, Kebekache taught us many things. Before, we didn’t know out rights. We used to think that only men are valued, now we know that what men can do women can also do and that it is not good to train only men in the school. That if you have female and male children, train them; you don’t know which one will build your future. Also that not only girls should the work at home-train both boys and girls to work, train them to do something very well, no sex is more superior.
Our Madam has done a lot for me. She has taken me outside the country two times, to Kenyan, South Africa. Where would I have expected to travel out all the way from Erema. She also reaches out to find out how am doing some times.
Working with Kebetkache has done so much for me, taking from place to place, much.

Comrade Che Ibegwura-Emem is Being Recognized by Nature
This is serious; very serious achievement. Glory be to God for such achievement in her life time. You know, this is the establishment of a vision. Am happy.

What I will make her to understand is that she should now recognize the common factor that she is being recognized by nature and that this is the fulfilment of life. She should continue with her good work and put smiles on the faces of we the people because there is a very great difference between the people and the leadership.

She is now representing the people and should continue with her good work. She has now placed her name on the marble of history and am sure that nature will never forget her.

Dr Pat Osaro-Ejiji – Emem, A Blessing to Eleme/Ogoni Women
Emem Okon, the Executive Director of Kebetkache has been a blessing to me, and women in the Eleme and Ogoni axis. She has built our capacity and made the women who have often been trampled upon underfoot develop the boldness to speak out with a voice due to series of trainings and workshops.

A lot of community women have travelled from one state to another and even beyond the borders of the country.
The Ogoni Clean-up was first introduced to me and my community women by Kebetkache who has been fighting for the inclusion of women in the cleanup and decision making.

She has given us sensitization that has kept the women’s voice high. She is a good mover and has a listening ear to the problems of women. She is a peace projector and the favour of God in all she does. She is a mentor to many as she encourages women to always stand tall in all situations.

I wish we have more of the Emem Okon in our society in selfless service to the Niger Delta as a whole. May more grace of God abound.

Mrs. Peace Mgbenwa- Voice of the Voiceless and Hope of the Hopeless
Chief Emem Okon has imparted in my life in many ways and the life of Okwuzi women at large. She has opened my eyes to the leadership of Okwuzi Community. Before now, women were not involved in the leadership of Okwuzi but after the series of trainings I’ve had, I have demanded for women to be involved in the leadership of Okwuzi which has been granted.

Chief Emem Okon has made me to be a leader (leader of Okwuzi Women Forum). The group was founded through Chief Emem Okon and since the group was formed, shem has been of great help. Even the old women that have not been to Port Harcourt has visited Port Harcourt through her.

She has given palliative to Okwuzi women. She has made me to be known in the community, made my face to be seen on TV and the voice of Okwuzi women to be heard on radio.