Environment Changer: Chief, Deaconess, Rotarian, Charter President, Emem Bridget Jeremiah Okon

Environment Changer: Chief, Deaconess, Rotarian, Charter President, Emem Bridget Jeremiah Okon

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Emem Okon, newly installed Rotary of Port Harcourt Eco Charter President

Chief, Deaconess, Rotarian, Charter President, Emem Bridget Jeremiah Okon is a valuable, consummate, ardent Feminist, a Development Icon, Icon of Excellence, Icon of Education, former State Co-ordinator of Women in Nigeria (WIN), Rivers State (O! How I miss Agudama Re-union!), Executive Director and Founder, Kebetkache Women Development Centre, a renown Chief of Duke Royal House of Calabar, Deaconess in the Royal House of Grace International Church, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Chartered President of Port Harcourt Rotary Club, ECO . . . .
Chronicling the footprints of Chief Emem Bridget provides an examination of Chief Emem Bridget’s life as a home maker, having inclinations to community development, a nose – diver into international service and, now, one will say, culminating into humanitarian terrain. Chief, Deaconess, Rotarian, Charter President, Emem Bridget Jeremiah Okon is never tired of actions, not words!
In today’s world, women remain grossly, under-represented in decision making. Nevertheless, Chief, Deaconess, Rotarian, Charter President, Emem Bridget Jeremiah Okon, a Mother, self-reliant, resilient, self-sustaining, trained Scholar, acclaimed Feminist, seasoned Administrator, undisputed Philanthropist and an astute Environmentalist, who believes that, greatness is not bought or procured, but comes with each passing moments of the day, has tried to close the gender gap in her roles, responsibilities, constraints, opportunities and needs in any given social context she finds herself as Chief, Deaconess, Rotarian, Charter President. Truly, Emem Bridget Jeremiah Okon is an Institution.
Glory Alexander: Kebekache a stepping stone, eye opener
Kebekache is not just a stepping stone to my field work but an opener to the greatness of a woman like me. It has taught me on important medium to approach issues concerning women in an on assume world dominated by men, kebekache has taken me to places that are just unbelievable by men; it has given me an opening with great and influencial people in my community and in the larger society.
Knowledge gotten from kebekache? Hmmmm I don’t even know how to start but let me just mention this one. After a training on Open Governance and how to engage with companies, I took a step to engage a company that came to my community. Though they said it’s an enterprise, when I was done with them applying the knowledge I have acquired, the truth was exposed and a new agreement was written. And concerning the Land Use Act, I stood my ground to give them a new boundary and demand they pay all the benefits that our community people are entitled to and that was done yesterday (16 September, 2021).
For Madam Emem if I am asked to describe her in just one word, I will say she is a shoulder to the broken Niger Delta woman, MAMA NIGER DELTA.

Idongesit Steward: Working with my boss is the best thing that happened in my life
Working with my boss is the best thing that has happened in my life. I started working with my boss in 2004/2005 as a secondary school leaver. My boss is the kindest person I have ever come across; she ensures that everybody is satisfied before she can think of herself.
I used to be very temperamental and very forward with my words without caring how others feel but, she taught me how to relate with and manage people and today, I have built a good relationship with people. She has taught me that it pays to serve, today am a graduate and happily married.
She has built the capacity of many community women, gives them platform from which many of them today have their own organizations. If you ask me to describe my boss, I will say she’s a team player, God fearing, respectful, solution solver, a motivational speaker, gender advocate, intelligent, a giver, a mentor and an indefatigable worker.
Permit me to say that my boss has a heart of gold, she doesn’t discriminate. Ma, may God continue to strengthen you and take you higher and higher in Jesus name, Amen.