Kebetkache Condemns Senator Elisha Abbo’s Abuse Of Abuja Sales Girl, Demands Prosecution And Respect Of VAPP By Police

Senator Elisha Abbo Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Center, Port Harcourt condemns in very strong terms, the exposed abuse and torture o

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Senator Elisha Abbo

Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Center, Port Harcourt condemns in very strong terms, the exposed abuse and torture of a salesgirl by a serving senator who was in her shop to buy sex toys with some girls. The unwholesome display of lack of self-control and lack of respect for the office of the Senate and women.

The video of the shameful display by Elisha Abbo speaks volumes on his unworthiness as a representative of the people in such high rank making him a symbol of shame and dishonor to the Nigerian government, already struggling with issues of gross human rights violations.

The world holds in serious contempt people who cannot comport themselves especially in public as well as those without respect for women or rule of law. A country like Nigeria where, women and girls are daily being molested and violated at home, in schools, campuses, markets, farms, offices, roads, everywhere, needs in its decision making apparatus like the National Assembly, men and women who recognize and respect the fact that all human beings are created equal   rights, who understand that being highly placed does not mean the lower placed is to be treated without respect.

Under the Universal Human Rights principles,   your right ends where the right of the other begins and Senator Abbo has by his act, not only violated the rights of the defenseless sales girl, but also shown open disdain for, and disrespect for all Nigerian women and girls, painting Nigeria as a gender insensitive nation.

Though the senator is flashing an apology, facts being pushed forward that he abused and abandoned his late wife and a photo journalistic that joined him on an election campaign mission, indicate that this man is a serial offender.

By his open act of shame, he has joined the ranks of men like the former Delta State governor’s aide now languishing in prison who, feeling too high to be challenged by  a mere lady, resorted to dehumanizing her.

In the spirit of the terms of the UNSCR 1325 which advocates mandatory protection of women and girls, the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against women, CEDAW and the Violence Against Persons Prohibition  Act, all women and gender related organisations must rise up to condemn and demand full prosecution of Senator Abbo in line with these instrument, for crossing the boundary of gender abuse. For being an abuser instead of a protector of women and girls.

We demand his suspension from the NASS until justice is done and challenge the Inspector General of police and the judiciary to ensure justice prevails.


Emem Okon

Executive Director

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#Violence Against Women And Girls

# Gender And Accountability

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