Group Slams FG on Environment

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World Environment Day *Govt. Is Not Serious About Tackling Environmental Issues* – Journalists, Friends Against Disasters,  Accidents Intl

The three tiers of governance in Nigeria are still playing lip service to issues of disasters and accidents in the country.  A port Harcourt based non governmental organisation Journalists   Friends  Against Disasters  Accidents Intnl came out with this as Nigeria joined the rest of the world to mark word environment day. Founder/ Chief Executive Director of journalists, Friends Against Disasters, Accidents  Intnl Ruskin N. Amadi said it is worrisome that year in year out the federal , states and local governments will spend money to mark world Environment Day without any concrete plan or road map to tackle the reoccurring environmental issues facing the citizens

Ruskin Amadi shortly after the group’s review of government’s response to environmental cases such as flooding in the past 19 years said nothing is on ground to save Nigerians from suffering the impact of disasters and accidents ( voice)

Journalists, Friends Against Disasters Accidents Intnl expressed worry that beyond making statements and uttering accusations and counter accusations the issue of the falling soot in rivers state is yet to be given adequate attention by the state and federal governments( voice).