Govt Should Disarm Cattle Rearers to Avoid Civil War-Bishop O.G. Tom …Says Recession Has Not Ended

Govt Should Disarm Cattle Rearers to Avoid Civil War-Bishop O.G. Tom …Says Recession Has Not Ended

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By Clifford Christopher Solomon

Most Rev. O. G.Tom

As the herdsmen/farmers issue continues to generate heat in the country, the acting general superintendent of the Lord’s New Church, Most Rev. Okese Goodhead Tom has tasked the federal government to put an end of serial killings by the Fulani herdsmen in the country to avert an avoidable civil war.

“Herdsmen rearing their cattle is an age long (practice) in Nigeria; the rate at which the herders have resorted to killings and purposely destroying farms is worrisome. In the print media some of the herdsmen are non-Nigerians while others argue that they are Nigerian.

“I don’t know how factual that is, but people blame the president that he is not responding to the cries of those affected by the killings and destruction embarked by the herdsmen. With the body language of the president one would believe that there is another motive in the killing spree,” the respected clergy stated.

Proffering solution to the problem, the Bishop called for government intervention by disarming the cattle herdsmen handling AK47 riffles and other highly sophisticated fire-arms.
Victims of the herdsmen attacks he said, “should do something to defend themselves because if they remain unprotected then their crops and lives will continually be lost”.

“I remember vividly that before this era herdsmen do move with sticks to control their cows but these days they go by carrying unimaginable fire-arms,” he noted.

Rebuffing claims by government that Nigeria is out of recession, Bishop Otom said, “The position of government that Nigeria is out of economic recession has not come to manifestation in the lives of the people; government has in mind to take Nigerians out of the current economic woes but it is not visibly seen yet”.

He seized the opportunity to call on politicians from all sides to stop political bickering and avoid casting aspersion against one another in order to avoid violence.